House Fire
Broadmeadow Dr, Statesville, NC


The call came in about 10pm on 12/15/09 that a house was on fire.  The first unit on the scene reported heavy black smoke coming from the rear of the house.  All the people in the home were able to get out of the house, but all suffered with smoke inhalation.  The homeowner advised that they were laying in bed when they heard popping noises and went to their daughter's bedroom and saw flames coming from a power strip.  They quickly got out of the house as the fire spread.  There was extremely high heat inside the house as the front porch showed melting damage from the heat.  The temperatures were in the 30's with winds up to 15 mph.

The homeowners were transported to the hospital, with one having multiple seizures on scene.   There were units from West Iredell Fire Dept, Troutman Fire Dept, Monticello Fire Dept, Iredell County Rescue, Iredell County EMS and Iredell County Fire Marshall on scene.

House with flames in rear of home.

Fire burning inside the home.

Fire units lined the roadway.  Heavy smoke was blowing toward the units.

Getting the window clear of debris.

The front porch had heat coming from front door.  There were a lot of collectables inside/outside the residence.

Rescue personnel working with homeowners.

Heat melted the siding at front door.

Iredell Rescue Ambulance with victims inside.

Getting air pack bottle changed.

Working the pump.

Tanker Engineer feeding the pumper.

Getting the seizure patient ready to go.

Are these guys brothers?

A few Troutman Firefighters.

A few of the trucks on the scene.


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