115 Gains Rd
Statesville, NC
House Fire

The call came in a few minutes after 1am and the temperature was about 18.  The first unit on the scene advised that it was a working fire.  I arrived on the scene about 4 minutes after the first unit arrived on scene, and they had made an attack on the interior of the house.  The fire progressed to involve most of the right hand side of the residence, and a back room.  The firefighters had to back out as water became critical.  The 2nd unit in kept the pumper supplied and multiple other units arrived to assist.  The homeowner was able to get out of the residence, but EMS checked him out for possible smoke inhalation.  It took about 30 minutes to get the fire under control.  Units from Troutman, Monticello, and West Iredell responded to the scene, as multiple other agencies were put on standby.  The cold kept firefighters moving in and out of the house.

Arriving on the scene - taken without flash.

Coming from end of the building.

Fire starts to increase in intensity.

Fire with flash on camera.

The roof is now starting to collapse.

Units had backed out and fire became greater.

Exterior attack was made as 2nd tanker arrived with more water.

Putting water through the window.

Window attack.

Tankers line up to supply water.

Rear of the house.

Back room and porch involved.

View from front.

Slowly getting house under control.

Chief Troutman operating the truck.

Wes getting a new tank.

Interior of house - hole through the roof visible.

Firefighters on the scene.

Chief Church at command vehicle.

Repacking hose.

Putting out hot spots near end of fire.


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