Julian Pl
Car vs. Pickup

Two vehicles trying to occupy the same space found each other at the entrance of a local fuel stop/convenient store.  There were not serious injuries but one patient requested to be transported to the hospital to be checked out.  The young lady was walking on the scene and talking on the cell phone so believe injuries to be very minor.  The hit was about head on but it was a low impact with the air bags being deployed in the Thunderbird.  Units from Troutman Fire & Rescue, Troutman Police Dept, and Iredell County EMS responded to the scene.

Coming upon the scene - the patient is standing beside the car.

Front end of the Thunderbird.

Troutman Truck

Scene as the ambulance arrives on the scene.

Front of the Tundra.

Fluid leaked from both vehicles.

Troutman Officer getting names and registrations.

Paramedics at work.

From rear of truck.

Loading the patient in ambulance.

Damage to the pickup truck.

Damage to the Thunderbird.


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