House Fire
Winecoff St, Troutman, NC

It was approximately 4:30am when the call came in for a possible house fire.  Units responding were informed by the Sheriff Dept and Troutman Police that it was a working house fire.  As the first truck came upon the scene, the front of the house was involved.  A deputy assisted getting hose off the truck as well as backing up the lone firefighter on the hose attack the fire.  The attack quickly knocked down a good portion of the fire.  I even grabbed a hose and was putting water to the fire.  Units started showing up within 5 minutes and the fire was put out.  The house appeared to be vacant as there was no furniture in the residence.  The Iredell County Fire Marshall was called to do an investigation.  Units from Troutman, Wayside, and Shepherds were dispatched and Monticello and West Iredell were put on standby.  The Iredell County Air Van also responded.

First view of the fire as fire truck pulled in.

Closer shot.

Flames jumping high in the air.

The fire appears to be accelerating

House involved and deputy pulling hose.

Getting 200' feet of hose pulled out - deputy looking up as flash went off.

Attacking the fire.

Moving up on the fire.

Slowly getting it put out.

The knock down was nearly done.

A break in photos - I had to fight fire and not shoot pictures - fire was knocked down.

Water getting sent to the Pumper.

The Chief checking out the scene.

Smoke rolling high in the air.

Action around the truck.

Wetting down the roof.

Units working around the house.

Putting out spot fires.

Working the interior of the house.

The Chief & Asst. Chief talking.


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