Fieldstone Rd, Statesville, NC
Garage Fire

Units responded to a 20 x 20 foot garage which was on fire.  Units 4 miles away could see heavy black smoke coming from the area.  The building was destroyed as well as numerous tools, motorcycle, and lawnmower.  They were able to move a sports car away from the fire to where it only received blistering.  Units from Wayside, Shepherds, and Troutman responded as well as the Air Van from Mooresville Rescue.

I take a lot of photos and normally only show a small portion.  I will post all of them today.  The people are what make the fire departments and hope this will show some of them. Of the 100+ photos, it is hard to pick out just 12 sometimes.  Hope you enjoy.

Coming up to the fire - trucks line the road.

Fire is knocked down with small fires remaining.

Units found gasoline just inside the door.

Hitting the areas that still have fire.

Siding melted off of the building.

Getting ready to go back in the garage.

Back of garage.

Fighting fire along a fence - reported to be where the fire started.

Fighting the fire.

Part of the ladder is melted from the heat.

Fighting fire.

More fighting fire.

Hitting the roof next.

Fire above their head put out.

Closer view.

Another similar shot.

And another one.

Reports the ground was extremely hot.

Looking into garage -  hot coals on left side of truck bed

Car moved away from the garage.

Blistering on the rear quarter panel.

Cooling down the area.

The roof has collapsed and water being put on it.

Cooling down along the side of the building.

Hooking up the foam inductor

Similar photo.

Hooking up the hose.

Getting ready to apply foam.

Heading into the areas still smoldering.

Pulling down hot area.

Closer view.

Getting to the fire.

Applying the foam.

Another shot of applying foam.

Getting the foam near the door.

Applying foam.

Pulling the garage door out of the way.

Foaming area near lawnmower/compressor.

Working their way back out.

Foamed area.

Going through window to get to back of shop.

Maneuvering the hose.

Interior observations.

Working under collapsed roof.

Adding more foam.

Taking off air pack. - Rehab time.

Marcus, Hot and tired.

Ken cooling off.

Jeff cooling off.

Rehab area.

Cooling down.

Chief Church on scene.

Hanging out.

B & W photos

B & W photo.

Jeff Leaptrott

Younger fireman - during age discussions in rehab.

Getting radio transmission.

Wayside Chief.

The shine of Marcus's head was blinding.

Foamed area.

In B & W.

Reflection in the glass.

The neighbor gather to give sympathy.

Rear of the Corvette.

Rear of the Corvette in Color.

Cooling down the fire.

Wayside 601

B & W of 601

Troutman Engine 1 in B & W

Color Troutman Engine 1

Building smoldering.

Water shooting out end of building.

Water shooting out end of building.

Closer shot of water coming out of building.

Closer shot of water coming out of building.

Engineer Jason watching the action.

Engineer for Wayside 601.

Shepherds Engineer

Closer view.

Hitting the end of the building.

Cooling off.

Relaxing in rehab.

Fire shots - going in with foam again.



Cooling off lawnmower.

Another shot.

Looking through burned out wall.

Water coming inside.

Burned out tool boxes.

Shots around the interior.

Water is getting to the hot areas.

Gas can that was found inside the door - melted.

Straight stream.

Working a pattern with the hose.

Water coming closer to getting me wet.

Going back with final layer of foam.


Last check of gauge.

Applying the foam.

Becoming like a snowfall.


Refilling the container - water leaking from hose connection.

Changing the percentage of foam.

Closer view.

Applying the foam.

Looking out the side of the building.

Looking down side from rear of building as foam is being applied.

Similar shot.

Different angle.

Still applying foam.

Rear of building.

Starting on exterior of building.

Foam applied.

Working down the front.

Another shot.


Working down the building.

Another shot.


View of garage from roadway.

Compressor on Air Van.

Air Tank storage.

Air Van

Topping off the trucks.

Repacking hose.

Loading hose.

Connecting the hoses together.

Bring more hose.

Jeff loading hose.

Always having a good laugh.

Checking progress - how much hose has been loaded?

Getting ready to connect nozzle.

Another shot.

Marcus - look at me.

Okay - look up.

Another good laugh.

Waiting for hose.

Air tanks return from Air Van.


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