Triplett Rd at Hwy 70
3 Car Accident

The call was for 3 car accident at a location where there have been previous fatalities.  The dispatch said it was a t-bone style impact so there was a potential of serious injury.  The first fire unit on scene advised that there were 2 patients with minor injuries which was good to hear.  It appeared that a silver car that got t-boned cut across 2 lanes of travel and a vehicle coming towards it attempt to stop before hitting it in the side.  The 3rd vehicle was hit by the vehicle crossing the lanes of travel and had been stationary.

Silver vehicle that had been t-boned and the patients were from this vehicle.  You can see a memorial across the hwy where  a memorial has been put up.

Impact area on the vehicle that hit the silver car in the side. 

The t-boned vehicle with its hood up hit the 2nd vehicle that was stopped at the stop sign.

The people from the different vehicles gathering up things to put in other vehicles. 

Rescue workers awaiting the wreckers so they can clear the scene.

Skid marks prior to the impact.


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