Ostwalt Amity Rd/Bethesda Rd
Pickup vs. Tree

This was a single vehicle accident involving a Ford pickup truck.  The driver was reported to be passing another vehicle and left the roadway and hit a tree.  The driver was pinned in the vehicle and was extricated by Troutman & Wayside Fire/Rescue personnel.  The patient was airlifted to Baptist Medical Center in Winston Salem.

The track the vehicle took into the woods.

Fire/rescue personnel working to get door removed.

After the patient was removed from the vehicle.

Front end imbedded in the tree.

Rear end shows different tilts in vehicle.

Troutman Unit 1

Baptist AirCare

The pilot waiting for the patient.

Holding the paramedics helmets.

Getting the patient ready to transfer to the helicopter stretcher.

Rolling the patient to the helicopter.

Loading in the helicopter

Closing up the rear loading hatch.

Helicopter clearing the scene.

Back at the scene - directing traffic.

Troopers on the scene.

Into the tree.

View from the front.


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