Amity Hill Rd/Tucker Rd
2 Vehicles - 6 patients

It appeared that one vehicle was possibly turning and hit in the rear.  There were 2 adults and 4 children and all were transported to the hospital in 3 ambulances.  The patients were all free from the vehicle and due to the heat, so were moved into the shade prior to fire/rescue/EMS arrival.  Units from Troutman Fire & Rescue, Wayside Fire Dept, Iredell County EMS, and NC SHP were on the scene.

First units on the scene

2nd vehicle had rear end damage.

Patients in the shade of the tree.

Heavy damage to front end of vehicle.

Front end view - traction put on patient.

Fire unit on scene.

Bush and well cover were also hit.

Getting patient ready for stretcher.

Others treating patient in rear of vehicle.

Scene photo.

Air bags deployed in both vehicle.

Getting patient on back board.

Back boards for all patients.

Scene photo.

Heading to the hospital.


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