House Fire
Autumn Leaf Rd @ Nonnas Ln

The house was reported to have a kitchen fire and units coming on the scene found light smoke coming from the windows.  Units quickly made an interior attack and were able to control the fire quickly.  Damage appeared to be heaviest in the kitchen and there was some smoke damage in the house.  The house was cleared of smoke and turned back over to the homeowners.  Units from Troutman Fire Dept, Shepherds Fire Dept., and Wayside Fire Dept. 

Light smoke coming from the rear of the house as firefighters get hoses out.

Air packs are being put on due to the smoke.

Another unit arrives on the scene.

Dark smoke coming from the house.

Additional help arrives and gets ready to go in the house.

Command Unit on radio.

Doors & windows were opened to eject the smoke.

Request for additional equipment.

Damage in the kitchen.

After getting fire out, firefighters prepare to cool off even if it was 86 outside.

Troutman Police responded to assist.

Time to change out the spent air pack bottles.

Draining the hoses to repack.

Repacking the tray load system.

Unit where the fire started - hood over stove.


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