I 77 NB & SB at 39mm
Multiple Accidents.

The original call was for an accident on I77 at the 39mm NB.  The units, when they checked enroute, were advised of another accident with unknown injuries on the SB side.  The Troutman unit checked and found one person had neck injuries as well as leg injuries and requested an ambulance.  The incidents started when there was a 5 vehicle accident about the 37mm involving a bus and four cars.  When vehicles started backing up, the one on the SB side occurred for stopped traffic.  The wreck on the NB side occurred with people watching the wreck on the SB side.  There was a female who complained of back injuries who was transported.  Units from Troutman Fire & Rescue, Shepherds Fire & Rescue, Mooresville Rescue, Iredell County EMS, IMAP and NC SHP responded to the scenes.

Southbound Wreck.

One vehicle impacted the bank - driver had neck injuries.

Impact with the bank.

Vehicle up against the bank.

2nd vehicle involved.

Accident across the median on NB side.

Front torn off

Front wheel well torn off.

Right side view.

Rear end pushed into bank.

South Bound side.

Getting ready to get patient out of vehicle.

Mooresville Rescue truck blocking traffic.

Making sure all equipment is present.

Witnesses waiting for police.

Rear end of Toyota with patient in it.

Very little damage to Dodge Ram truck

Rear view of Toyota

Side view of Toyota

Another view.

New paint scheme on rear of ambulance.


Shepherds Engine 2


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