Tractor Trailer Accident - Fatal
I40 at EB Weight Station MM 141

Pictures by Rubin Leal

The traffic accident occurred on June 11, 2009 on the I-40 EB at the 141 MM right at the entrance to the weigh station. The extrication took nearly 2 hours from the time the first 9-1-1 call had been received.  The driver of the Food Lion truck was killed upon impact.

Units responder were Iredell County IMED 1 & 9, Iredell County Rescue, West Iredell Fire Dept, Monticello Fire Dept, Troutman Fire & Rescue, Catawba Co Station 8, North Carolina State Highway Patrol, State Medical Examiner's Office, and Cross Carolina.


View from the weight station.

Multiple emergency vehicles responded.

Wrecker cables hooked to front truck to pull it loose.

Front of truck that was rammed. It hit truck in front of him.

Fire truck parked to block view from onlookers from other lanes.

Closer view

View from other side of fire truck

Wrecker hooked and ready to pull Food Lion Trailer.

Somber firefighters wait for heavy equipment.

Dust absorbent waits to be spread.

Cab of truck

Hood of Food Lion Truck.

Engine is under the trailer of flatbed.

From top of fire truck.

Other side of truck - crane is arriving.

From the opposite side.

Crane is brought in to raise the trailer.

Front side of the tractor.

Food Lion Trailer

From opposite side of the road - truck pulled out from under traile.


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