I-77 at the 47mm SB
Truck Overturned in the Woods

The call came in at about 3am of a truck over the guard rail and down an embankment.  The call came in as possible pin-in and entrapment and the driver was possibly dead.  Everyone responded to face the worst.  Units from Troutman Fire & Rescue, Statesville Fire, Iredell Rescue Squad, NC SHP, Iredell County EMS, Carolina Medical Helicopter, and Rochester's Wrecker Service.  The helicopter was on another call very close by and diverted to the scene.  After units found the driver alive, no injures, and sitting in the truck, they assisted getting the patient out.  It was quite a miracle to find that there weren't injuries.  The truck was hauling mortars for fireworks, and the driver was repeatedly asked if there were fireworks on the truck.  The truck was only carrying the empty PVC pipes and racks.

It appeared the driver fell asleep and "rode the rail" for about 400 ft before the rail gave way and the truck went over the rail and down the embankment.

The trees were snapped around the tractor.

Members from different depts work together.

The trailer was split open - mortars can be seen.

Units bring all equipment in case it was needed.

"Jaws of Life" are brought down to the truck.

Rescue personnel help the driver out of the vehicle.

The patient was checked out by the EMS - The guard rail was destroyed.

Salvage personnel check the load.

The tree shows being hit.

Looking at the mortars in the truck.

Rochester's Wrecker Service used the wench to remove the trees from around the cab.

The cab without the trees around it - The rear wheels were up on a stump - The cab was just about broken from it's mounts.

The fifth wheel hitch was broken from the tractor.

K-12 Saws cut the guard rail to allow the truck to be pulled up.

Pulling the posts that support the rails.

Getting in position to pull the tractor out.

The cab was close to falling off the frame.

Chains are put on the cab to hold it on.

Finally pulled up to the roadway. - Traffic was stopped for about 30 minutes.

The front of truck shows the damage from hitting the trees.

Another view of the front of the tractor.


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