Winchester Rd, Troutman, NC
Hit & Run - Minor injuries

The person injured was parked on the side of the road and was hit by a Cadillac which kept going until the vehicle stopped and the driver jumped and ran.  The Mitsubishi had the front wheel knocked off the vehicle from the impact.  Units from Troutman Fire & Rescue, Troutman Police Dept, and Iredell County EMS on scene.

Video at YouTube

Coming to the scene.

Vehicle off to the side of roadway - patient next to the fence.

Front wheel in roadway where impact occurrred.

Mitsubishi Front End.

Side view - trash can had been hit as well.

Cadillac was found at other end of the block - police are checking it over.

Right side of vehicle.

Officer checking out vehicle- Damage all the way down the vehicle side.

Flat tire helped stop the vehicle.

Rear of the Cadillac.

Front end of Cadillac.

Looking back toward Mitsubishi.

Front Wheel of Mitsubishi

Troutman truck on scene

Front end of Mitsubishi.

Air Bags deployed.

Rear Damaged - Mail box taken down.

From passenger side of vehicle.


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