Car vs. Tree - Pin In
Bailey Rd, Mooresville, NC

The call came in as a car vs. tree with entrapment.  The Mooresville Engine 4 at Shepherds Fire Dept heard the crash and came down to find the driver was pinned in the vehicle.  Units from Mooresville Fire Dept., Shepherds Fire Dept., Mooresville Rescue Squad, NC SHP, and CMC Helicopter were dispatched to the scene.  The helicopter was nearby after being cancelled from another call.  The patient was severely trapped in the vehicle and extrication took about 1 1/2 hours to get the person free.  Multiple extrication tools were used from both Mooresville Rescue and Shepherds Rescue.  Due to the confined space, the process was very slow.  The rescue personnel worked extremely hard to get the victim out.  A 2nd person in the vehicle was not pinned in and was transported to the hospital.  All on scene did a extremely good job!

Arriving on the scene - extrication had just started.

The vehicle was first stabilized.

Helping the paramedic up on the vehicle to gain access to the patient.

Checking for stablility.

Multiple units back up the road.

CMC air ambulance on the ground.

Paramedic fills in crew from helicopter.

Very confined space made extrication more difficult.

Working the scene.

Some of the damage to vehicle from front end.  The vehicle was twisted around the tree.

Laying on the roof to get to patient.

Rescue tools on Shepherds truck.

Every tool was used on this vehicle.

Cutting away the roof to help access.

Sawzall used on window posts.

Flight Nurse getting an IV started.

Roof has been removed and additional rams brought in to push the dash back.

Patient is finally extricated.  Passing the oxygen bottle out of the vehicle.

View of the area around front door.

Area where patient was trapped.

Helicopter with rear doors open ready to load patient.


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