Flooding North Iredell

The rains came and are still coming with flooding in Northern Iredell.  The area around Fox Bottoms Rd off of Bowles Farm Rd.  The bridge had been covered earlier in the day, and Fox Mountain Road had reports of the bridge being out there, and a school bus wrecking due to the flooding.  The second set of pictures were from Crestridge Rd in Statesville.

Field covered with water

Cows on both side of the creek

The rain didn't effect the cow's appetite.

Rain next to the creek of Fox Bottom Rd

Corn saturated with rain.

Dirt sill on the bridge.

Creek out of it's bank.

A log is leaning against a support on the bridge.

Flood took out the fence at this location - animals were moved to higher ground.

Signs that had been moved just a short time earlier.  Sky was getting dark again.

Overlooking the area from atop of the hill.

Looking down the creek.

Water coming out the water pipe.

The water was coming out with force.

Water in yard on Crestridge Rd.

Water over the roadway.

Water running down to next drain.

Water trying to get into the next pipe.

Too much water coming out.

Yard and part of driveway flooded earlier.


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