Byers Rd/Hwy 21
Rear End Collision

The accident was a rear end collision where one vehicle was turning and the 2nd vehicle hit it from the rear.  The driver of the rear vehicle (pickup) was not injured, but the 2 people in the car were transported to the hospital.  The victims in the car were entrapped and the B post was removed to give the paramedics access to the patients.  Units from Troutman Fire & Rescue, Troutman Police, and Iredell County EMS responded.


Fire truck pulls up to the car.

Damage to the rear end of car.

Side View before extrication

Opening the rear door

Cutting the B post at top.

Removing the door and post.

Getting the patient on the stretcher.

Damage to the pickup truck.

Working the scene.

Rescuing a small dog from the vehicle.

"The Dog Whisperer"

Troutman Police Vehicle (takes a minute to load)


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