Head On Collision
Barium Spring Loop Rd/Hwy 115/21
Barium Springs, NC

The call came in just before 9pm and was reported as pin in/entrapment.  The Troutman Police were first on the scene and advised 3 patients and that both vehicles had entrapped victims.  The Troutman Fire & Rescue 102 arrived on scene, and the Hurst Tool was deployed to both vehicles to extricate the victims.  The drivers of both vehicles were pinned in their vehicles, and the roof and doors on both vehicles were removed.  The patient in the white vehicle was airlifted to CMC.  There were multiple units from Iredell County EMS, Troutman Fire & Rescue, Wayside Fire, Troutman Police Dept., All American Towing and NC SHP.


View shortly after arriving on scene - both vehicles were off the roadway.

The extrication started with removing the door.

Using the Hurst Tool on the door.

The door was opened and determined the dash was on the patient's leg.

Work starts on removing the door from the 2nd vehicle.

The door was fully removed to gain better access.

Cutting the posts on the vehicle to remove the top.

The firefighters were cutting the door posts.

The roof was removed - notice police officer assisting in maintaining traction.

Hurst tool cutting door post on other vehicle.

Raising the entire roof off the vehicle.

Clearing the car.

Getting the patient on the stretcher - Broken leg was handled gently.

Interior of the white car.

Units on the scene after everyone is out.


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