Helicopter Landing
I77 - transporting victim from accident

This is part two of the accident with CMC helicopter landing on the interstate.  The pilot shut the engine down and allowed us to get closer to check it out.  Beautiful new air ambulance.

Coming in for landing - Shepherds truck behind helicopter.

Putting it down.

Coming to the ambulance.

He was handed the helmet - What a boy to do?

Fighter pilot if I have ever seen one.

Pilot's console.

Loading now goes through the rear.

Pilot's compartment

View down the side.

Patient compartment.

Nurse/Paramedic seating.

Loading the patient.

Putting the stretcher on the floor of the helicopter

Getting in and ready to leave.

Moving the ambulance back.

Starting the engines

Lift off

Getting to treetop level.

Straight up

Heading back to Charlotte.

Passing overhead.


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