Overturned Vehicle
I77 - Airlifting patient out.

The call was for an overturned vehicle with injuries.  The first unit on the scene found a single driver who was injured and bleeding from the head.  The helicopter from CMC was called into fly the patient to the hospital.  The interstate was blocked and the victim was extricated from the car.  The roof had to be cut and lifted, the doors moved out of the way and patient put in spinal immobilization.  There was a SOB driving a black Hummer who thought that he could just drive down the emergency strip to pass all the stopped vehicles.  The trooper on scene had a word of prayer with him.  Well deserved words were spoken.  The patient was airlifted to Carolina Medical Center in Charlotte.  Units on scene - Troutman Fire & Rescue, Shepherds Fire, Iredell County EMS, CMC helicopter and NC SHP.

On scene just after truck arrives.

Checking the patient first and getting the Hurst tool out to cut the roof.

Paramedics are checking the patient.

Getting the Hurst tool to make a roof cut.

Cutting the B post on the car

Raising the roof

Getting it up

Pushing it over.

Getting the door out of the way by pushing it down.

Trooper going to speak to Hummer driver.

View of front of car.

Interior of the car.


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