Amity Hill Road
Rear End Collision

The call advised of a rear end collision with multiple injuries.  The chief was the first one on the scene, and advised that the people were not complaining of any injuries and that the ambulance may not be transporting.  After getting on the scene, the paramedics checked the victims of the wreck and persuaded them to be checked out due to the mechanism of the wreck.  The incident occurred when the pickup was going down Amity Hill Rd and according to the driver, when he came upon the Acura, he attempted to stop and the brake pedal went to the floor.   He stated he downshifted to slow down but had no where to go.  The Acura was stopped to turn into a church.  The rear end of the Acura was destroyed and there were 2 young children in the back seat.  The back of the Acura came over the child in the car seat and the seat was pushed into the front seat.

Rear end of the Acura.

Front end of the Toyota truck.

Side view of the compaction of the rear end.

Looking at back seat from outside.

Opposite side of the vehicle - back seat shown forward.

Toyota truck had fenders into the tires.

Glass covered roadway.

Seat overtop of the child seat.

Back seat was pushed up to front seat.


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