Pickup Overturned into Power Pole - Lines Down
Triplett Road, Statesville, NC

The pickup truck was hauling mulch and ran off the road, hitting a power pole, snapping the pole, and having power lines on the vehicle.  The driver was in the vehicle and was going to stay there until the power lines were removed.  A unit from Duke Power Co was requested and the power lines were checked and were not live.  Firefighters/Rescue personnel put jacks on the vehicle to stabilize and allow the driver to escape from the vehicle.  Units from Troutman Fire & Rescue, Wayside Fire Dept, Iredell County Rescue, and Iredell County EMS were on the scene.

Video on YouTube

Truck caught in the power lines from downed pole.

Vehicle had wires around the rear wheel.

View from rear of the truck.

Fire trucks block the road to keep traffic away from down power lines.

Setting a jack to stabilize the vehicle.

Getting the last part of the jack set.

Duke Power worker checks transformer.

Paramedics wait until vehicle is safe to approach.

Assisting the driver who crawled out.

Front of vehicle.

Bottom of the vehicle.

Rescue units on the scene.


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