Carris Reels
Winston Ave, Statesville, NC
Sawdust Bin Fire

The call first came in as an alarm activation and the first unit on the scene reported that smoke was visible.  Years ago at a previous location, Carris Reels had a sawdust bin fire which had an explosion after firefighters were on scene, injuring three firefighters.  Units from Monticello, Troutman, West Iredell, and Statesville Fire Departments responded to the fire.  Numerous other stations were put on standby for the departments actively fighting the fire.  Statesville Fire Dept set up their Ladder Truck and was able to put a high volume of water into the tank (25000 gals).   Units from the ground attacked at the bottom of the tank.  It took about 2 1/2 hours to get the fire out.  The blowout doors on the tank were seen as a problem to get access to the fire, and will be discussed with the company on Monday to have them fall down rather than the bottom being loose.

Units arriving on the scene - silo in back of picture was the silo on fire.

Smoke coming from the blowout port.

Statesville Fire Ladder Truck arriving on scene.

Monticello Fire putting up water point for drop tank.

Closer look at the smoke escaping.

The silo that was on fire.

Setting up outriggers on ladder truck.

Getting the platform ready to flow water.

Drop tank set up and trucks positioning.

Another Monticello truck laying line from hydrant to the ladder truck.

Starting the fill on the drop tank.

Dumping their water load.

Monitoring the flow and level in the tank.

Water flow adjusted at the ladder truck.

Putting water into the small opening on the silo.

Closer view of the hole with water going inside.

Ground attack.

Looking up the water stream.

Monitoring the ladder operation.

Fire command on the scene.

Control panel on ladder truck.

Flowing water from platform.

Operating the flow to ground lines from drop tank location.

Water flowing to silo.

Firefighters getting soaked from water from platform truck.

Taking a pike pole to platform.

Getting it to the platform.

Trying to pull off the blowout door.

Numerous tankers were used to keep tank full.

Ladder truck with ladder extended.

Attacking from the bottom.

Command on the scene.

Flowing water to bottom of sawdust.

Another shot at dump tank.

Reserve firefighters in staging area.

Reserve trucks in holding area.

Auger was turned on and flushing out sawdust/water.

Water still flowing into tank from top.

Iredell Rescue set up for any injuries.

Monticello set up with drinks/snacks for firefighters.

Keeping the drinks iced down.

Iredell County mobile air refilling truck.

Trying to get door off another opening.

Blow-off door finally opened after plastic bolts knocked off.

Tired firefighters.


Getting picture made in front of silo.

A little close shot.

Panoramic picture of ladder truck

Scene panorama


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