Carlyle Rd near Flower House Loop Rd
T-bone Collision with multiple injures

The accident occurred when the yellow Mustang pulled off of a side road onto the Flower House Loop Rd into the path of a Buick.  There were 3 juveniles and 2 adults in the vehicles and all were transported to the hospital.  Two Iredell County ambulances were called as well as the supervisor to the scene.  Units on scene were from Troutman Fire & Rescue, Iredell County EMS, and NC SHP.
Camera - Canon G10

Fire Truck on scene.

Impact area on the Mustang.

Front end of the Buick.

Working on patient from Mustang.

One patient nearly ready to be loaded.

SHP on scene.

Where vehicles ended up after impact.

Inside the Mustang on impact side.

Getting ready to package ambulatory patient.

A couple of the paramedics and supervisor.

Rescue workers bringing stretcher.

Working near the ambulance.

Everyone nearly ready to be loaded.

Loading one of the small patients.

Airbags deployed in the Buick.


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