N Main St, Troutman, NC
Head On Collision

Two vehicles from out of state had a head on collision when the pickup truck came out of the bank parking lot and was going to turn into the ATM drive.  He did not see the SUV and hit it head on.  There were three people in the SUV and all three went to the hospital with injuries.  The speedometer on the SUV was stuck at 40mph.  Units from Troutman Fire & Rescue, Troutman Police, and Iredell County EMS were on scene.

SUV smoking after the accident.

Front end of the pickup.

Air bag deployed and change all over inside of truck.

View from roadway - parts of SUV in the grass.

Getting under the hood to find where smoke was coming from.

Battery was smashed and smoke coming from the battery.

Getting the patient out of the rear of SUV.

Everyone was helping with the patients.

Paramedic on the scene.

Front end of the SUV.

Firefighter Helmet.

Paramedic getting patient on backboard.

Front of Truck.

Inside the SUV.

Getting the last patient out of SUV.


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