Amity Hill Rd
Minor accident

The call started with an accident with injuries and then reports one subject had a weapon.  As units proceeded to the scene, there were reports of a possible fight about to start, so units staged until law enforcement arrived on the scene.  Once the scene was secure, units proceeded in to find all patients walking around their vehicles.  No weapons were found, but each vehicle was searched.  It appears the pickup truck bumped the BMW and sent it out of control.  The truck had just scratches and the majority of the damage was from the slide off the road by the BMW.  Units from Troutman Fire & Rescue, Troutman EMS, Iredell County Sheriff Dept and NC SHP were on the scene.

Units checking out patients on the scene.

The major damage to the BMW.

No damage to this side of the vehicle other than mud.  Getting the patient ready for the backboard.

Maintaining traction on the patient.

Only damage to the pickup truck.

The BMW went off the road and nearly hit the pole.

Damaged Wheel.

Front end shows where vehicle found bushes on side of road.

Multiple police vehicles on scene.


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