I77/42MM Ramp SB
Truck vs. Tree

The truck appears to have decided at the last moment to take the exit and was going to fast to make the curve.  The truck drove into the median at the exit and hit a tree on the passenger's side.  The right side of the truck was torn away and a fuel leak from the engine fuel bump was the only fuel spillage.  The driver was checked out by paramedics and refused any treatment.  The firefighters on the scene secured the leaking fuel line and the State Police took charge of the area. 

Firefighter arriving on the scene.

Heavy damage to the front right side.

Looking at the side of the vehicle.

Checking the main fuel tanks for leaks.

Vehicle short distant off the roadway.

Ramp and tire marks where vehicle left roadway.

View of the ramp area.

Trees around the truck.

Paramedics speaking to the driver.

Closer view of the area.

Clearing the pipe away from the fuel line.

Getting the line double over and ready to clamp.

The line finally clamped.

Engine area of the truck.

Passenger side with firewall against the seat.

Broken front wheel.

Looking down left side of truck.

Front end against the ground.

Looking through the trees in area.

Looking through the trees.

Another view of the truck.


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