Single Vehicle Accident
Ostwalt Amity Rd, Statesville, NC

The call came in as a single vehicle accident.  The first units on the scene reported a vehicle off the roadway into a tree.  After a short time, they advised they were unable to locate the driver of the vehicle.  The vehicle had left the roadway, down a small embankment, through a fence, and then into the tree.  The airbags did deploy and the driver left the scene, located at his residence a short distance away.  He did not need medical treatment.  Units from Wayside Fire, Troutman Fire & Rescue, Troutman Police, Iredell County EMS, and NC State Police responded to the scene.

Time shot - The police officer on right was moving too fast to be caught.

Firefighters examine the vehicle.

Impact point with the tree buckled the hood.

The plate was found near the roadway - windows were broken out.

Rear window out, vehicle had mud down the side.

The windshield was spider webbed from air bag.

Frontal View.

Impact point with tree.

Firefighters discussing the accident.


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