Serendipity Lane
House Fire


The call came in a little after midnight for a house fire.  The only reason the house is still there is that Troutman Fire Dept. had personnel working the night shift and they were able to get there as quickly as they did.  They found smoke in the residence and made an attack under the house where the floor near the rear of the house was engulfed in flames.  It appeared after the fire, that bricks in the fireplace had fallen and the flooring had caught fire.  The weather had caused the roads to be icy and it was a good response for all departments.  There was a fire in the fireplace at the time of the fire.  Units from Troutman Fire & Rescue, Wayside Fire Department, and Shepherd Fire Departments were dispatched.

The Chief checking on firefighter under the house - smoke coming from doorway.

A fan was set up to pull smoke out of the crawl space.

Front of the house.

Looking in the front door - smoke in the air.

Access was treacherous due to ice on the steps.

The Chief checking on firefighters in the house.

First truck on the scene - ice was a problem.

Tankers are lined up to provide water.

Front of the house.

Looking at house from the truck.

Getting ready for new air tank - nice hat!

Getting set to go back into the house.

Reserve firefighters arrive on the scene from Wayside Fire Dept.

Getting lights ready as house power was cut.

Front of pumper.


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